Episode 5: Remote Work Is Having Its Fifteen Minutes – Or Will it Be a Lot Longer?

Episode 5: Remote Work Is Having Its Fifteen Minutes – Or Will it Be a Lot Longer?


Remote work is having a minute, or rather a series of them.  Some companies have used it for years, some have been adamantly against it, but both kinds are being forced into it at the moment. As the pandemic forces millions to figure out some kind of home office set up (the kitchen table works in a pinch), we are in the midst of a great work-at-home experiment. Maybe it will be a giant success, or maybe it will make everyone want to get back to their cubicle as soon as possible. More likely, the experiment will hasten a messy reality, one in which companies play with hybrid models of who works in a company workspace and who works in a space of their choosing.

In this episode, we are joined by two experts on different parts of remote working. Adam Hickman is Content Manager for Gallup, as well as a remote worker himself. He talks to us about what Gallup is seeing in terms of employer trends to working this way, as well as his views of where remote working will go in future. Our second guest, Justin Thouin, is the Co-founder and CEO of a company called LowestRates.ca. His fifty employees worked in the office pre-pandemic, a condition he thought was necessary to create a team. Now, seeing how productive they are working differently, he is not so sure.

This episode of Work and the Future kicks off the discussion of working remotely, but it will not be last of our analysis of the subject. Employers and employees (and freelancers and contractors as well) will be wrestling with the subject of remote work for a long time, and there will be lot to talk about.


 Dr. Adam Hickman

Content Manager, Gallup 

Adam Hickman, Content Manager, primary areas of expertise have been in Gallup’s organizational development and workplace management practices. He consults with clients to help develop integrated programs for employee development based on Gallup’s research. As a scholar and practitioner, Dr. Hickman helps clients assess human capital management needs to design performance optimization strategies for organizations across the world.

Dr. Hickman has deep knowledge within practices of remote working and managing remote employees. After completing his study on how workplace isolation impacts a remote worker’s performance, he has gone on to be published as an expert in engaging and managing remote employees.

Currently, Dr. Hickman also serves as a Content Manager for Gallup. In this role, Dr. Hickman manages all publications that appear in our Gallup at Work Newsletter and content that is utilized in Gallup Access.  For more than 15 years, he has used measurement, recognition, and forecasting to align engagement strategies and increase performance for the teams he serves.

Dr. Hickman received his bachelor’s degree in communication, a master’s degree in organizational leadership and a doctorate in organizational development from the Walden University. Further, Dr. Hickman has completed executive education from the University of Michigan – Stephen M. Ross School of Business and the University of Notre Dame – Mendoza College of Business.


Justin Thouin

Justin Thouin is the Co-Founder and CEO of LowestRates.ca. Justin started the company in 2012 following a successful career as a Senior Executive with two prominent entertainment and technology organizations. He also created a thriving Executive Consulting practice prior to founding the company. Justin holds an Honours Degree in Commerce from Queen’s University.

Justin is passionate about sports of all kinds, playing tennis competitively and coaching his two daughters in soccer.  He also enjoys investing in early stage ventures and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs.  Justin has been an EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award finalist and is frequently featured in the media.


About LowestRates.ca:


LowestRates.ca is a Fintech company founded in 2012 and based in Toronto, Ont. We are a free and independent service that helps people save time and money by allowing them to compare insurance, credit cards, mortgages, and loans offered by North America’s leading financial institutions.

LowestRates.ca is an online rate comparison site for insurance, mortgages, loans and credit card rates in Canada. The free, independent service connects consumers directly with financial institutions and providers from all over North America to offer Canadians a comprehensive list of rates. LowestRates.ca’s mission is to help Canadians become more financially literate, with the near-term goal of saving them $1 billion in interest and fees.



Learn more about Dr. Adam Hickman’s work here:

Title: COVID-19: A Leader’s Guide to Developing a Work-From-Home Strategy

Link: https://www.gallup.com/workplace/310988/covid-19-working-from-home-guide.aspx


Title: Gallup Remote Working Articles

Link: https://www.gallup.com/topic/remote_work.aspx


or follow him on Linkedin



You can learn more about Justin Thouin’s company here



Find the study about collaboration that  Linda mentioned in the interview with Justin  here.






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