Episode 90: Should Organizations Impose Mandatory Vacations?

Episode 90: Should Organizations Impose Mandatory Vacations?

Should organizations force workers to take vacations? With  workers increasing reporting that they are suffering from burnout, it might help if people took time off even if they are forced to do so. To talk about the issues around that, Linda Nazareth is joined on this episode by Joe Alim, VP of product and operations at Compt. He is a believer in mandating vacations, for the good of both workers and employers, a view that might require a mindset change in the workforce but that might ultimately be a good thing:


Joe Alim is the VP of Product and Operations at Compt, the number one employee stipends platform that gives people the freedom to choose the lifestyle perks they really want.  He is currently focused on ensuring the HR tech startup offers an amazing customer and product experience so that providing and utilizing perks is fun, easy, and gratifying for companies of all sizes and stages. Prior to his current role, Alim co-founded the talent-tech startup, ScholarJet, which he also led as COO. His commitment to building a better future of work begins with improving the employee experience through personalization.




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