Episode 83: What is the Future of Physical Offices?

Episode 83: What is the Future of Physical Offices?

The workplace is in a state of flux, and that includes the physical workplace.  It used to be the place we went to because that is where we could work – that was where the computers were and we had to sit in board rooms to meet with each other but that has changed.  To discuss how to create new physical workspaces to go with the hybrid world, Linda Nazareth is joined on this episode by Doug Shapiro, VP of Research and Insights  at global furniture manufacturer OFS  and  the host of the podcast  Imagine a Place.


Doug Shapiro
VP Research and Insights, OFS
& Host, Imagine a Place Podcast
As vice president of research and insights at OFS, Doug brings more than 15 years of experience collaborating with product and interior designers from around the globe.
After graduating from Millikin University with a bachelor’s in business, he began his career at OFS in international sourcing before transitioning to director of product development. Since that time, he has held a number of roles, including brand manager, director of A+D sales, VP of marketing and regional vice president for the central U.S.
A well-respected and expressive thought leader in the design industry, Doug is also the host of the highly-rated Imagine a Place podcast that inspires connection and collaboration, while exploring the role place plays in people’s lives. He has hosted guests from Fortune 500 companies and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, facilitating authentic
conversations about everything from the latest workplace trends to neuroscience and architecture.


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