Episode 74: Can We Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Retention?

Episode 74: Can We Turn the Great Resignation into the Great Retention?

Is there a way to turn the Great Resignation into the Great Retention? For the past year we have heard a lot about the  Great Resignation, the rush of people who are quitting jobs because they are not happy where they are, often for reasons that have nothing to do with compensation. That is leading to some good conversations within organizations about how to make people happier. To talk about some of the trends around retention, Linda Nazareth is joined on this episode by Mark Mancuso, Country Manager, Canada at SAP SuccessFactors. They discuss what he has seen from companies across a variety of sectors and what it will take to go from starting the conversation to creating better leadership and ultimately better outcomes around retention.


Mark Mancuso is the Country Manager for SAP SuccessFactors in Canada. Over the past two decades, Mark has been working with some of Canada’s best companies to improve their business operations to better support their customers and employees. With a focus on employee experience management, he is supporting his customers with the digital transformations they need to keep their employees engaged and make their business an employer of choice. Mark is focused on quality of work, self-improvement, discipline, integrity, and process over outcome, all with the intent of helping others.


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