Episode 72: How Does Disability Disclosure Matter for Workers and Organizations?

Episode 72: How Does Disability Disclosure Matter for Workers and Organizations?


This is a special episode of work and the future sponsored by Microsoft, and it is on a special topic as well, the subject of disabilities in the workforce. More specifically it is about the disclosure of disabilities because there are far more people dealing with them than is easily visible to the eye.

Disabilities span a wide swathe from mobility issues through to having a chronic illness through to having a learning disability. Sometimes organizations know about the disabilities that their workers are dealing with and sometimes they do not, simply because the workers have not disclosed them. Arguably, both the organization and the worker would be better off if they did, but there are many views on that subject. To talk about the issues around the disclosure of disabilities, Linda Nazareth is joined by Karen Kelsey, Relationship Manager for Canada for Lime Connect, a non-profit that aims to rebrand disability though achievement.


Karen Kelsey, Relationship Manager, Canada

Lime Connect

Karen Kelsey is Lime Connect’s Relationship Manager in Canada, where she is responsible for managing and building the corporate and post-secondary educational institution partnerships integral to the success of the Lime Connect mandate in the Canadian marketplace. Karen also focuses on attracting high-potential students and alumni to grow The Lime Network in Canada and acts as the lead and coordinator for a group of Lime Connect Ambassadors. Prior to joining Lime Connect, Karen had a 30 plus year career in Banking, primarily in retail banking and human resources. She also has over 20 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector including over 15 years on the board of an organization focused on individuals with Asperger Syndrome.


Learn more about The Lime Network at www.limeconnect.com

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