Episode 67: Why are Negotiation Skills so Important at Work?

Episode 67: Why are Negotiation Skills so Important at Work?


When you hear the word ‘negotiation’ you probably think of a high stakes deal being made, but the reality is that  we all have to negotiate in our work lives as well, whether that is for a raise or a promotion, or with workers that we manage. Many people however, have never really had a chance to develop those skills. Andres Lares is the Managing Partner and CEO of the Shapiro Negotiations Institute and the co-author of the book Persuade The 4-Step Process to Influence People and Decisions.  Andres has advised professional sports teams in the NBA, NFL, and theNHL on things like contract negotiations and trades, and he also advises workers in all kind of jobs on how to negotiate. He joins Linda Nazareth on this episode to talk about how anyone can up their negotiation skills and share some practical insights on how to better navigate and communicate in work settings.


Andres Lares

Managing Partner

Shapiro Negotiations Institute 


Andres is the Managing Partner at SNI, where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the global training and consulting firm. He previously served the role of Chief Innovation Officer until 2017.  His multi-disciplinary and lingual skills broaden SNI’s ability to effectively teach and consult in a wide range of industries, languages, and cultures.

Andres’ expertise is in deal coaching live negotiations, and has focused on sports clients such as the San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Milwaukee Brewers, Oklahoma City Thunder, and Brooklyn Nets. He also works in several capacities with clients across a wide range of industries – from developing online content to facilitating programs in Real Estate (Ryland, Heritage Properties), Advisory (PWC), Media (ESPN, Hearst), Banking (M&T Bank), Aerospace (Boeing), Insurance (Great American Insurance), and Pharmaceutical (Novo Nordisk, Roche), to name a few.

Andres has led the development of SNI’s award-winning interactive online negotiation training, mobile applications, and virtual reality based applications, and in doing so has multiple patents pending.

Andres has guest lectured on the topic of negotiation and influencing at various universities and conferences including Ohio University, University of Baltimore, Endicott College, York College, Queen’s University, University of Iowa, and the National Sports Forum. He annually teaches a highly sought after course on Sports Negotiation at Johns Hopkins University.

Andres co-authored Persuade: The 4-Step Process to Influence People and Decisions, which was published by Wiley on July 7th, 2021 and instantly became the #1 new release in Amazon’s Education category as well as a best-seller in Porchlight’s business book list.

Education and Personal

Prior to joining SNI in 2009, Andres completed an Economics degree at Queen’s University in Canada, a Master of Business Administration and Master of Sports Administration at Ohio University, and worked at the Philadelphia Eagles and Creative Artists Agency (formerly France Allpro Athlete Management) as well as a consultant at a few different firms across North America.

Andres was born in Venezuela, grew up in Canada, and has traveled to over 30 countries. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland with his wife and two kids.



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