Episode 57: How Do You Meld Corporate Cultures into a Single Brand

Episode 57: How Do You Meld Corporate Cultures into a Single Brand

How do you bring together workers from different organization with different corporate cultures?  Combining organizations  may make sense from a business point of view, but when you do it you are often bringing together many disparate parts. Doing it effectively means crafting a communications strategy to get everyone communicating with each other, and then putting out a coherent message to the outside world, which can both be difficult tasks for managers and for workers alike.

To talk about all of that from first-hand experience our guest today is Terri Buckley,  Director of Corporate Communications at connectFirst Credit Union in Alberta, Canada. connectFirst Credit is a company that is comprised of what used to be four different companies and four different corporate cultures. Teri had the challenge of putting together a communications strategy when the companies merged  in early 2020 when there were plenty of other challenges happening as well. She shares that experience on this episode, along with  some insightful takeaways  in terms of how the company relied on technology to get things done, as well as how people reacted and learned to adapt as  different corporate cultures came together.


Teri Buckley

Director, Corporate Communications

connectFirst Credit Union

Teri Buckley believes when people bank locally, they’re making a choice to join a movement of hope for a brighter future by using finance to grow our communities and our local businesses. Over the past decade, Teri has directed this passion by driving connectFirst’s community investment and social responsibility efforts, then moved to support and inspire employees through her role as Director of Corporate Communications. Over the years, Teri’s visionary leadership and impact has been recognized through leadership awards offered by Canadian Credit Union Association and Alberta Community Co-op Association. Teri will continue shouting the credit union difference, as she steps into the role of Vice President of Brand and Community in November 2021.  



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