Episode 56: What Can Business Leaders Learn from Olympic Athletes?

Episode 56: What Can Business Leaders Learn from Olympic Athletes?

If you watch any kind of high level sports, you have to marvel at how much training it takes to get to an elite level as well as the training it takes to perform on game day. Doing things under pressure is not the same as doing them day to day in practice, and that is something to think about in the business arena as well. What are the lessons that elite athletes can give business leaders in terms of how to perform? To talk about that, we are joined on this episode by Diana Drury, Director of Team and Executive Coaching at the Smith School of Business at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Diana is an expert on how athletes succeed, and on how leaders can learn from them on how to get through challenges and succeed themselves and she shares with us lessons from athletes that leaders can apply to their own careers.


Diana Drury is the Director of Team & Executive Coaching at Smith School of Business. She is an experienced Team Performance Coach, Counsellor, College Professor and Facilitator. Diana is responsible for the overall leadership of the team and executive coaching programs which operate across 11 of the Smith School of Business MBA and Master’s programs and Queen’s Executive Education. She also works extensively with outside organizations. She has over 30 years’ experience working with high performing teams as an Administrator, Athletic Director, Coach and as an athlete at the College, University, Provincial and National levels. She has been the recipient of numerous coaching awards. She also competes as an athlete nationally representing Canada at the World Masters Games. To date, Diana has been inducted into seven Halls of Fames across Canada as an Athlete, Builder and Coach.


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