Episode 52: How Do We Work Effectively Through the Next Phase of the Pandemic?

Episode 52: How Do We Work Effectively Through the Next Phase of the Pandemic?

With the pandemic not behind us yet, how can organizations be agile and  willing to change up how we do things, maybe several times more before we get to the end of this? And how can workers come together to get things done effectively as we go through this phase of the pandemic? Jason Brommet,  Head of Modern Work and Security Business  with Microsoft Canada. joins us on theis episode to give us his insights on how to  keep productivity high through the next phase of the pandemic, as well as how to keep people engaged and upbeat when the things are not going exactly to plan.


Jason Brommet

Modern Workplace Lead

Today, people are an organization’s most important asset. Empowering each of them and their organizations to be their best and bring their best is more critical than ever. The modern workplace is an inclusive, creative and culture-centric environment. As the Lead of the Microsoft 365 business in Canada, Jason (Jay) leads the team that is responsible for enabling organizations to amplify the ingenuity of their people with secure, collaborative platforms and tools that accelerate business growth and success. Within the Microsoft 365 portfolio, Jay oversees productivity platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, as well as security and compliance tools. The Microsoft 365 team also works with and across Microsoft’s sales and delivery teams, and their market-leading ecosystem of partners. Jay is also an advocate for technology enabling inclusivity and accessibility.

Previously, Jay led Commercial Channel Strategy and Programs in Canada, working across their ecosystem of over 14,000 partners to build the capacity, capability and growth of the Microsoft Channel, to enable organizations of all sizes to drive digital transformation. Broadly, he and his team were responsible for delivering on Microsoft’s promise of partnership, stewarding the Microsoft Partner Network.

Since joining Microsoft in 2003, Jay has held a variety of roles spanning Product Marketing, Business Development, Segment Marketing and Sales Leadership. Before joining the Microsoft Canada team, he worked in the marketing services industry, developing and leading teams delivering strategic sales and marketing programs in B2C and B2B environments, across diverse industry verticals such as publishing, telecommunications and technology.


LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jason-brommet

Twitter: @jbrommet

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