Episode 50: How Should We Re-Think Design for the Post-Pandemic Work World?

Episode 50: How Should We Re-Think Design for the Post-Pandemic Work World?

Sooner or later we will be going back to offices and work space, but we will be doing it with a different mindset. Partly that is around how safety how do we set things up so we don’t spread the next virus, but there are other considerations as well. We have gotten used to working from home, maybe from outside on our patios or in different places and we are going to bring a different sensibility to where we work when we come back. Given all of that, what should workspaces look like? Our guest on this episode is  Nasim Kurting, Head of Design at the Office Group  London, England. Even before the pandemic, Nasim was involved in creating flexible workplaces and she has a lot of what office design should look like as we move to the next phase of the pandemic and beyond.


Nasim Köerting – Head of Design at The Office Group


Originally from Sydney, Australia, Nasim Köerting joined The Office Group (TOG) in 2019 as Head of Design after founding and running London-based design practice Studio Köerting. Trained as an interior architect and designer, Nasim has worked for a number of leading award-winning practices, including HASSELL and Softroom architects.

At TOG, Nasim leads a team of in-house architects and designers, overseeing all of the business’s creative output, including the planning of workspace within new buildings and refurbishments. In her role, she also appoints and works collaboratively with external architecture practices to design and develop interior concepts and products for flexible work environments in every new building that TOG opens.

Prior to TOG, Nasim co-founded Studio Köerting with her partner in 2017, an interdisciplinary studio which works across high-end residential, furniture design and hospitality design projects.



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    Design is constantly evolving which is why designers should catch up with the times.

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