Episode 44: How Should We Communicate in the Hybrid Workplace?

Episode 44: How Should We Communicate in the Hybrid Workplace?

How do we present and communicate now that we are in hybrid work world? .We have gotten used to presenting virtually to a team that is perhaps far-flung, so what happens now when we have to get back to the office and  communicate to a team that partly in person but partly somewhere else? Do the same rules apply? And what about in-person presentations and interactions – do we even remember how to do them?

Our guest today is Nick Dalley, President of Intentional Communications. He works with all kinds of communicators, including broadcast professionals, to get their messages across and he has some practical tips on how to handle the new challenges of communicating as we get back to the post-pandemic world of work.


Nick Dalley, President of Intentional Communication, Inc. helps professional communicators get their messages across more effectively whether the recipient of the message is a television audience or an individual. Nick has been in the business of presentation skills development for the past 20 years. Beginning in the ’80s Nick worked for 10 years with a New York presentation development firm. Prior to establishing ICI, he worked for nine years with a large, Dallas- based broadcast coaching concern where his title was senior talent coach and vice president of Executive Development. He has also served as an adjunct professor for the Business Leadership Center at SMU’s Cox School of Business. He currently serves as an executive coach at The University of Texas Executive MBA Program.

Dozens of TV stations, American, European, and Canadian (CBC, CTV, BNN, Global) and US TV networks (ABC, CBS, CNN) have improved the human element of their programming by applying Nick’s recommendations. Having previously been the coach for ABC’s Good Morning America and a nighttime magazine program for the same network, Nick has had personalities in his coaching sessions ranging from the country’s best known political broadcasters to Jim Kelly (former quarterback for the Buffalo Bills). Fortune 500 companies from coast to coast have entrusted their CEOs, middle and upper managers to Nick’s training techniques as well. Heads of state, politicians at the highest levels of Texas state politics, a San Antonio mayoral candidate, and attorneys needing to refine their presentation skills have turned to Nick for help in telling the whole story, not just the part represented by the words.

Nick attended The University of Texas, received a bachelor of arts in communication from The University of Texas, Arlington, and earned a master of fine arts from Trinity University of Texas.


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