Episode 39: What Does the Post-Pandemic Market for MBAs Look Like?

Episode 39: What Does the Post-Pandemic Market for MBAs Look Like?

Is getting an MBA super important and the key to success, or is it an expensive waste of time that will not necessarily get you where you want to be? The market seems to go back and forth on it:some years it seems that there is a ton of demand for MBAs and other years they are not nearly as coveted. It is particularly compelling question right now, since coming out of the pandemic many people are thinking about what they want to do next,  To discuss the issues around getting an MBA we are joined today by Megan Hendricks who is  the Executive Director of MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance, which is an organization that  works with both employers and schools.  She talks to us about what she is seeing in terms of demand for graduates in terms of sectors, as well as the bigger trends that were in place pre-pandemic.


Megan Hendricks is the Executive Director of the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance, an 800+ member global network of MBA/Masters career services professionals and employers. In this capacity, she leads the organization’s global activities, programs and operations, which includes overseeing over 150 volunteers and staff and 15 committees and advisory groups. Her role involves aligning strategic objectives with day-to-day activities and creating and managing external partnerships. Megan’s knowledge and expertise includes a solid understanding of the needs and best practices of member schools and companies across the globe.

MBA CSEA’s ongoing research and benchmarking includes information about job market trends, industry activity, and employment outcomes for graduate business students. The organization also manages the Standards for Reporting Employment Data, a set of guiding principals that allow business schools to report employment data that is comparable, reliable and consistent.

In her previous role, Megan served as Director of Employer Relations for the University of South Florida College of Business, where she provided student career coaching and assisted employers with developing campus branding and hiring strategies. In this role, she increased student employment outcomes, developed new corporate relationships to benefit the school, and implemented new and innovative events to enhance student  knowledge and networking.

Megan holds an MBA from the University of South Florida and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Florida.








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