Episode 36: Can you Reskill People to Move Between Industries?

Episode 36: Can you Reskill People to Move Between Industries?

How do you take someone with one set of skills and gret them ready for a job market that needs a completely different set of them? It is an issue that we had started to grapple with a lot before the pandemic, but the pandemic has really put it into sharp focus as some industries have waned while others have flourished. The reality is that there are skills in demand, and there are workers available, but we do need to make some tweaks before we can match the two. To talk about one possible way to cope with this, our guest today is Corey Kossack, the Founder and CEO of Aspireship.  What Aspireship does is offer training, for free, online for those who want to get into the software industry even if they come from a completely different sector. It is proving to be a really successful endeavour and it offers some lessons on what might be next for training.


Corey Kossack is the Founder & CEO of Aspireship, a learning and talent platform for the SaaS industry. Corey has dedicated his professional life to founding SaaS companies that help people who want to help themselves. Prior to Aspireship, Corey founded Frederick, an AI-powered marketing automation software for small businesses (acquired by Booker & MINDBODY).


To learn more about Aspireship check out their website

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