Episode 35: Does Technology Increase or Decrease Worker Stress?

Episode 35: Does Technology Increase or Decrease Worker Stress?

Over the past year we have leaned heavily on technology, but it has kind of been a love-hate relationship. We love technology it because it is cool that we can work from home, but we also get frustrated when it does not work, and we freeze up on screen, or things that are supposed to work flawlessly don’t work at all. So as much as it takes away stress, it seems to create it – or does it? Our guest today is Mohammed Chahdi who is the Director of Global HR for Dell Technologies. Dell has done some work looking at actual brain waves from people to see when they are stressed from technology or when they are happy with it. Their results are fascinating and gives some insights as to what companies can do to create ‘good’ technology expereinces rather than ‘bad’ ones’ and how they can create huge benefits by doing so.


Mohammed Chahdi
Director of Global HR
Dell Technologies

Mohammed has been with Dell Technologies for 18 years holding different leadership roles in Human Resources, based in Toronto Ontario, he leads the Americas HR Operations team and the Global Connected Workplace program. As a founding member of the Connected Workplace program over ten years ago, Mohammed is a strong advocate of work flexibility and passionate about bringing people together to successfully collaborate and grow their careers in an increasingly digital workplace


Read more about Dell’s work on technology and stress here


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