Episode 29: Coming Back Stronger Part II: How Can Workers Build Resilience?

Episode 29: Coming Back Stronger Part II: How Can Workers Build Resilience?

This is episode 2  of a special  4-part special series of Work and the Future called Coming Back Stronger sponsored by Microsoft. In Episode 1 we talked about what organizations should do to come back ready for the post-pandemic world, but what about individuals?  Their first task is to get through this next phase of the pandemic, and that is challenging in itself. Finding the resilience to keep going at work can seem like a difficult thing to do The pandemic is lifting our stress levels in general and when it comes to work, many of us are having to learn new things and take on responsibilities while working under conditions that are a lot less than optimum. Our guest today is Executive Coach Dr. Monique Valcour and she shares her insights on what she has seen from working with leaders in the United Nations and elsewhere and how workers are learned to be resilient and come back stronger from other crises and what we can learn from their experiences.


Dr. Monique Valcour, Phd PCC

Executive Coach and Management Professor 

Monique Valcour builds people’s capacity to learn, engage, perform, and communicate at work while thriving in all domains of life. Her expertise is built on 20 years of experience designing and delivering executive education, combined with rigorous coach training, certification, and high-level coaching experience in multiple countries and industries. Monique holds PhD and MSc degrees from Cornell University, an MEd from Harvard University, and a BA from Brown University. She has served as a management professor at EDHEC Business School (France) and Boston College (US). She coaches and teaches leadership, coaching skills, performance management, career self-management, and well-being for the United Nations System Staff College and for multiple business schools and organizations. She is a frequent external speaker and workshop leader renowned for her evidence-based, engaging, and energizing style.

Monique provides thought leadership and advises on leadership development, coaching, career and talent management, communication, mindfulness, and well-being. She is a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review. Her digital articles are available at http://hbr.org/search/Valcour/0



Connect with Monique through the following links:

E-mail : monique@moniquevalcour.com

Website: www.moniquevalcour.com

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/moniquevalcour

Twitter: https://twitter.com/moniquevalcour
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrMoniqueValcour
Read Monique’s articles in the Harvard Business Review Review:
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