Episode 22: How Should Companies be Preparing for the World Post-Pandemic?

Episode 22: How Should Companies be Preparing for the World Post-Pandemic?

We are getting close to a vaccine for Covid-19 and a return to something approaching normal in the workforce. But will normal look like for companies? And how should companies plan for the post-pandemic future of work? Our guest today is Cathryn Barnard a Partner at ‘Working the Future’ which is UK based consultancy firm helping businesses with organisational future-proofing.’ She has been working with companies to talk about how they should position themselves to be ready for the world post-the pandemic, and what steps they should be taking now in terms of workforce strategies. Her insights about the future of leadership  are from the front lines and provide plenty of food for thought about what companies need to think about when it comes to developing the skills to guide increasingly distributed workforces through change and complexity.


Cathryn Barnard 

Partner, Working the Future 

Cat is a partner and co-founder at Working the Future, a management consultancy helping business leaders both make sense of the multiple trends changing how we work and build easy-to-implement future-proofing strategies.

With a 25-year career in workforce planning, and experience of growing her own successful businesses, Cat recognises the criticality of human connection in accelerating team engagement and performance.

As work becomes increasingly underpinned by digital technology, amazing commercial opportunity emerges – blending the best of human AND technology to deliver highly customised client experiences that drive brand loyalty and enhanced success outcomes.


To learn more about Cat and her work, check out the links below:
The Working the Future website: https://workingthefuture.com
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