Episode 17: Is it Time for Location-Based Pay?

Episode 17: Is it Time for Location-Based Pay?

It may have been a bit of a struggle to make it work, but the pandemic has forced many companies to keep their teams intact even when they are not under the same roof.  As workers have de-camped to far-flung places, perhaps permanently, we are struggling with what the future of cities will be, and what offices will look like in future too. But there is another questions that goes with that, and it is how we should compensate people. If your team members are in different places, with different costs of living, should they be compensated differently?  Facebook says ‘yes’ but does that mean everyone else should too?


Ian White

Founder and CEO/CTO of ChartHop

Ian is the founder and CEO/CTO of ChartHop, the world’s first organizational management platform built to help companies plan for the future. 

Previously, he was the founder and CTO of Sailthru, the marketing cloud delivering billions of personalized newsletter emails per month for top publishers and e-commerce brands. Before that, Ian was the first head of engineering at Business Insider and built the publishing platform that powers today’s highest-trafficked business website.

Through this, Ian felt the pains of planning and building a team — and wanted to build something better than the spreadsheets and legacy HR systems he’d been struggling with. ChartHop was born to help organizations better plan with alignment and transparency.


Here is a link to ChartHop’s website
And here is some company material:
The guide to setting remote work salaries fairly. https://www.charthop.com/remote-work-salaries/
ChartHop’s  Series A announcement
This is the article Ian wrote for Fast.com on location-based salaries
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