Episode 16: How Do You Set Work-Life Boundaries in a World of Remote Work?

Episode 16: How Do You Set Work-Life Boundaries in a World of Remote Work?

What does flexible work mean to you? It might mean leaving a few minutes early to catch your kid’s soccer game, or it might mean totally restructuring your job so you can travelfor a few months. In both cases, however, employers have traditionally been hesitant to open up the floodgates and embrace too much of it. Our work-lives have tended to be defined by barriers that set up when and where we work, and although there has been some fraying around the edges, for decades there has been reluctance to change too much. Now,with teh pandemic, all of the rules are being re-thought, and to some extent we are designing a new workplace. As that happens, is it now time for workers to set the boundaries? How do you resist having work and leisure blurred into one, and is that even a desirable outcome? With everything up for grabs, it is a good time for a discussion on what ‘flexible’ should really mean and how we can make it work best from both sides of the table.



Cali Williams Yost

CEO and Founder Flex+Strategy Group

A visionary workplace futurist, strategist, author, and keynote speaker, Yost is the Founder and CEO of the Flex+Strategy Group, a solutions company helping organizations unlock performance and engagement by reimagining how, when and where work is done. For more than two decades, Yost has been among the first to foresee many flexible workplace trends. She’s used those insights to help leaders build dynamic, responsive organizations that attract and retain an engaged, diverse workforce; increase productivity and innovation; enhance employee well-being and respond rapidly to operating disruptions.

Clients have included: Con Edison, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Quest Diagnostics, BDO USA, UBS Americas, National Institutes of Health, EY, Freddie Mac, the Singapore Government, the United Nations, Columbia University, NYU, and Stanford University.

A former commercial banker who approaches flexible work transformation as a strategic business imperative, Yost graduated with honors from Columbia Business School where she’s noted as an alumnus “Changing the World.” In 2018, Yost was named one of the global management thinkers “On the Radar” by Thinkers50, and she has been cited as one of Forbes’s 40 Women to Watch Over 40. Yost’s work meets at the intersection of strategy, infrastructure and a culture of shared leadership. It is rooted in original research on the skills individuals need to take control of their work+life “fit” in order to do their jobs and manage their lives. She coined and codified the concept in the empowering book, Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day, (Center Street/Hachette, 2013), and the critically-acclaimed, Work+Life: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You (Riverhead/Penguin Group, 2004). Called “one of the most sophisticated minds” on the transformation of work by The New York Times, her commentary frequently appears in the media including in the Wall Street Journal, USA TODAY, NPR and the TODAY Show.

Yost has been named one of Mashable’s top career experts on Twitter and awarded “Best of the Web” distinctions by Forbes.com. Yost lives in NYC metro area with her husband, two daughters and sits on the Board of a local YMCA.



Here are the links to Cali’s website, and to some of the work she has done around the issue of remote work

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