Episode 8: Does Videoconferencing Mean We All Need to Be Performers Now?

Episode 8: Does Videoconferencing Mean We All Need to Be Performers Now?

We are all used to interacting with one another in person, at the office, at meetings, just casually.  Particularly when it is a business context, we tend to think about how we should present ourselves and we know all about the firm handshake (now a thing of the past) and looking attentive at meetings. Now though we are increasingly interacting by video conference and the rules for that are very different.

Being on video – whether we are talking about Zoom, or Microsoft Teams or anything else – is really like being on TV and to be on TV you need to think about specific things like how present, but also about lighting like how you look even. If that sounds superficial well maybe it is  but the reality is that is you are using technology to communicate you have to think differently.

To talk about all of that, today we are  joined by Nick Dalley who is an expert in communicating and how to coach people to do it well. He talks to us about communicating in general, giving presentations and being effective, but as well he talks to us about the world of video conferencing and how we maybe need to get our minds around the idea that we are all sort of video stars, whether we want to be or not


Nick DalleyPresident of Intentional Communication, Inc.,

Nick helps professional communicators get their messages across more effectively whether the recipient of the message is a virtual audience, a live audience or an individual.  Nick has been in the business of presentation skills training for the past 30 years.  For ten years, beginning in the 80’s Nick worked with a New York presentation development firm with international reach.  Prior to establishing ICI, he worked for nine years with Audience Research and Development and Talent Dynamics where his title was Senior Talent Coach and Vice President of Executive Development.  He has also served as an adjunct professor for the Business Leadership Center for Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business and for the past nine years for The McCombs graduate business school at the University of Texas. His lectures and workshops have been delivered on the campuses of The University of Georgia, University of North Texas, TCU, Kent State, and Harvard to name a few. 

Dozens of TV stations, American, European, and Canadian, and networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, CBC, CTV, Business News Network and Global Canada) have improved the human element of their programming by applying Nick’s recommendations.  Having previously been the coach for ABC’s Good Morning America and 20/20, Nick has had personalities in his coaching sessions ranging from George Stephanopoulos to Diane Sawyer to Joy Behar.   Fortune 500 companies from coast to coast have entrusted their CEOs, middle and upper managers to Nick’s training techniques as well.  Clients as diverse as Heads of State, and professional sports teams, have turned to Nick for help in telling the whole story, not just the part represented by the words.  

Nick’s work has been especially tuned-in to helping communicators at all levels of business and broadcasting improve the quality and effectiveness of their message.  These improvements in turn positively impact the way they are perceived by their audiences.

For his work with corporate clients Nick has developed workshops including; “Effective Team Presentation for Business Development,” “Coaching for Improved Employee Performance,” and “Refining Televisual Skills for Corporate Executives.”

A brief listing of some of the companies Nick has worked with includes:

Merck Motorola Rockwell International

STP Nuclear Quaker Foods Hewlett-Packard

Texaco Proctor and Gamble Toronto Dominion Bank

Exxon Mobil Black and Decker Pfizer

Canadian Pacific Rail IBM Southwest Airlines

McCann Erickson Advertising KPMG General Motors 

Nick received a Bachelor of Arts degree through work at the University of Texas at Austin and UT Arlington. He received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Trinity University of Texas.  He lives in Winston-Salem North Carolina with his wife Jill. 


Take a look at Nick’s website here


Read Nick’s some of Nick’s articles on presenting here




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