Episode 88: How Can You Build Connection With a Remote Team?

Episode 88: How Can You Build Connection With a Remote Team?

If no one is in the office, how can you create a culture? On this episode Linda Nazareth talks to Ken Babcock, CEO and co-founder of Tango, a browser and desktop application that automatically generates how-to guides. Ken leads a fully remote team of 30 people s and he has come up with some strategies and best practices to build connection and culture, and he shares what works and what practices organizations might consider implementing as they move into the next phase of living – and thriving – with remote work.


Ken Babcock 

CEO and Co-Founder, Tango

Ken Babcock is the CEO and co-founder of Tango. Before setting out on a mission to help people be their best at work, he spent 4+ years at Uber riding the rollercoaster of a generational company. After getting his feet wet with entrepreneurship at Atomic VC, he went to Harvard Business School, where he met his co-founders.




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