Speaking About the Future of Work

Speaking About the Future of Work

Work Is Not a Place (the new book) is officially out on December 9th which is exciting..has been a long process (but a fun one too. Some days.). In the meantime, I have been out talking about the subject of it, which is basically the subject of the future of work.

It is interesting that the subject is of so much interest to such very diverse audiences .For example, about a week ago I spoke to a group of managers from the  Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork) at the elegant National Club in Toronto. Most of those in the audience were senior HR professionals and it was great to not just present to them but to get their feedback too.

After that presentation I headed to Vancouver to speak to the fabulous B.C. Non-Profit Housing Association’s Housing Central Conference. It was a massive event (which ran lie clock-work) filled with people with a passion for what they did. They wanted to hear about the future of work too, but as well wanted to hear about how on earth they were going to find anyone to do it when labor was scarce and they were not in a position to out-bid private sector employers. Except, workers want more than money. Sounds crazy, but apparently they also want to be happy and to do work that is meaningful. Radical.

As the book gets rolled out I look forward to being in front of many other diverse groups and talking about how the future of work is going to work for them. For anyone who wants to talk about having me do a keynote or workshop please get in touch..you can email me directly linda@relentlesseconomics.com or at speaking@relentlesseconomics.com and I will be happy to discuss tailoring a presentation that works for your group.

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