Episode 59: Will the Great Resignation Lead to a Change in Workplace Culture?

Episode 59: Will the Great Resignation Lead to a Change in Workplace Culture?

All of a sudden  the term ‘The Great Resignation’ is everywhere as worker leave their jobs in droves  in the wake of the pandemic. The U.S. has seen this hit record numbers, and we have seen it in Canada and in other countries as well. There are  lots of reasons for why people are quitting, but one of the ones cited most often is that they feel unappreciated in their current positions. It is something to think about for companies, since the average cost to to replace an employee is twice their salary. So how can organizations show appreciation so that workers are not tempted to jump ship?  To discuss that we are joined on this episode by Steve Pemberton, Chief Human Resource Officer of Workhuman.  Workhuman has come out with a new report that looks at the issue that workers have right now, and how organizations can address them and avoid having the Great Resignation decimate their workforces.


Steve Pemberton
Passionate about building human-centered workplaces that recognize the value and potential of each and every employee, Steve Pemberton has made embracing humanity in the workplace the core of his responsibility.
As the Chief Human Resources Officer of Workhuman, Steve is committed to working with HR leaders and senior management to transform and lead more connected, human-centered workplaces that accelerate learning, engagement and productivity. Steve aims to make the work more human in everything he does by fostering a sense of purpose in the workplace and ensuring equity for all.
Steve also champions human rights efforts to ensure equality and access for all, both at home and in the workplace. This passionate advocacy has earned him honorary doctorates as well as the U.S. Congress’ Horizon Award for his personal contributions and for setting a positive example for younger generations. He is the esteemed author of “The Lighthouse Effect: How Ordinary People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact in the World” and the USA Today best-selling memoir “A Chance in the World,” following him on his search for his family. Steve is a graduate of Boston College and is involved with UCAN Chicago, Boys Hope Girls Hope and The United States Business Leadership Network as a board member.


Steve Pemberton on  LinkedIn

The Workhuman blog post about the data.

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