Episode 46: What Can You Do About Ghosting in the World of Work?

Episode 46: What Can You Do About Ghosting in the World of Work?

Have you ever been ghosted? Not on  a dating app or by a friend, but in your work-life? It happens all the time. It may be the old we should have lunch thing- someone says it, you try to follow up and they never answer your call. Or, much worse, you are looking for a job and all seems to be going great with a company  you are interviewing with and then you get radio silence. Why do people do that?

Our guest today is Kristi De Paul, founder and principal at Nuanced, a thought leadership firm focussed on the future of learning and the future of work. She has looked at ghosting in the business sense, why it happens and what you can do to control the situation if you get ghosted.


Kristi DePaul

At home in both the Middle East and the Pacific Northwest, Kristi DePaul is a writer, speaker and global citizen who is passionate about enabling others’ economic and social mobility. A regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, she has written over 250 articles and blog posts on personal branding, remote work, negotiation and the job search. Her work has been cited in research reports from international think tanks and universities. She leads Founders Marketing, a fully distributed team providing content strategy and development for professional learning organizations, and also works 1:1 with executives on thought leadership as principal of Nuanced. Follow her on Twitter: @reallykristi.




Kristi’s Harvard Business Review articles, including the one on ghosting


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