Episode 21: Is There a Way to be Forever Employable?

Episode 21: Is There a Way to be Forever Employable?

Are you afraid of unemployment or are you sure you are forever employable? As the economic outlook becomes increasingly uncertain, many people would put themselves in the first category but would certainly like to be in the second. Our guest today is Jeff Gothelf, author of ‘Forever Employable: How to Stop Looking for Work and Let Your Next Job Find You’ and he believes you can be, by cultivating your strengths, growing your personal brand and figuring out how to monetize your expertise. For some that might mean striking out on their own, but even if  you stay in a corporate environment you can also build on your strengths and let people know what they are, in the process going at least some of the way to increasing your stature and becoming forever employable.



Jeff Gothelf

Author, Forever Employable 

In Jeff Gothelf’s new book, Forever Employable, he applies the principles of continuous learning, improvement, experimentation and agility to professional development and career growth. Jeff shares his experience building his own consulting practice as well as providing tools and techniques to help you think through how to ensure that no matter what changes in your world you’re always confident about the next professional step.


To learn more about Jeff and his book, please see the links below

jeffgothelf.com — articles, videos, events and ways we can work together
senseandrespondpress.com — short, beautiful, actionable business books 



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