Episode 70: How Can Companies Help Hourly Paid Workers with Income Stress?

Episode 70: How Can Companies Help Hourly Paid Workers with Income Stress?

As companies scramble to find hourly-paid workers, what can companies do to attract them? One thing would be to recognize that many of their workers are dealing with considerable financial stress, and that helping them to counter that would be of mutual benefit to workers and company. To talk about that, Linda Nazareth is joined on this episode by Sabina Bhatia, Chief Customer Officer of Payactiv a platform that gives workers ‘Earned Wage Access’ or basically the right to get their earnings without a waiting period. The discussion covers how the advantages of making wages more readily available to workers, as well as the broader question of financial stress for workers, and the issues around that.


Sabina Bhatia

Chief Customer Officer


As the Chief Customer Officer Sabina is the ambassador for the voice of Payactiv clients and their employees. Her tenure spans from the early days of Payactiv when the company had less than a hundred clients and has been instrumental in the evolution of Payactiv as the industry leader in Holistic Financial Wellness. With great passion and focus, Sabina advocates for a positive impact on the livelihood of workers with financial wellness tools provided by Payactiv. She is similarly committed to enabling employers to offer this impactful wellness benefit to their employees. Sabina spent 20 years on Wall Street as an analyst to assist financially stressed companies restructure their financial position. She then joined PayActiv to apply her passion and skills to make a positive impact in the lives of workers.


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