Episode 54: What Can We Learn from Companies Who Have Dealt Well with Pandemic Work Issues?

Episode 54: What Can We Learn from Companies Who Have Dealt Well with Pandemic Work Issues?

It is  the fourth quarter of 2021 and we are still in a state of flux in the work world.. Companies are struggling with whether to bring everyone back to the office, there are labour shortages all over, and just what normal looks like in terms of work is not really clear. But some organizations are handling things better than others.

Our guest today is Tammy Browning who is President of KellyOCG.  KellyOCG has done a comprehensive survey called the 2021 Global Workforce Agility Report that has looked at how companies have coped during the past year and a half and as well what they are planning in terms of strategy.  They separate out  those companies that have been ahead of the curve on work issues and the ones that have behind it –  they call  vanguaurds and laggards. Tammy talks about how each set of companies operate and what we can learn from that – in terms of practices to emulate, and in terms of things to avoid.

Guest Intro:

Tammy Browning 

Tammy is president of KellyOCG®. As president, she leads the global Managed Service Provider (MSP), Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and The Ayers Group outplacement practices—along with adjacent solutions such as services procurement, payroll outsourcing, independent contractor compliance, and contingent search. She oversees $9 billion dollars in spend under management for the company’s MSP portfolio, which partners with some of the largest organizations in the world including many of the Fortune 500®.

Her path to executive leadership started more than 20 years ago with a temporary role as a candidate coordinator with Kelly®. Demonstrating a skill for visionary thinking, combined with a passion for operational excellence, Tammy held several customer- and talent-facing manager roles across the business—eventually leading the west territory and IT practice for the company’s U.S. staffing operations. In 2010, she joined a supplier to Kelly as senior vice president responsible for all U.S. operations before returning to Kelly in 2017 with additional expertise and expanded oversight. Tammy’s 360-degree view of business operations provides her a unique level of insight that continues to shape her leadership style today.

She’s passionate about the opportunity to change lives and provide purpose by connecting people to meaningful work. Tammy is inspired by the extraordinary stories of the people her team impacts and their ability to help customers realize the value of all workstyles. She brings a pioneering spirit to internal and external challenges. This approach to do things different extends across every part of the KellyOCG business. Tammy is always looking for new ways to add value for her customers by helping them discover what’s next in the world of work, and is recognized for her ability to spark change through forward-looking solutions.

Tammy is an industry thought leader—regularly sharing her insights on the ways people want to engage with work today and how organizations can meet their workforce challenges of the future. Staffing Industry Analysts® recognized Tammy as one of the most influential leaders in the staffing industry, naming her to its 2020 “Staffing 100” and “Global Power 150” Women in Staffing lists. Diversity Journal also recognized Tammy’s strong leadership efforts and named her a 2020 “Women Worth Watching” award recipient.

Tammy is a well-seasoned and self-proclaimed “travel sports mom.” In her free time, you can find her spending time with her family and spoiling her grandchildren.





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