Episode 37: How Can Business Keep Workers Continuously Skilled?

Episode 37: How Can Business Keep Workers Continuously Skilled?


How important will reskilling be to our economic future and what role should business play in making it happen? And what about continuous training? Business has always been reticent about training because there is always the risk that you could lose those trained at your expense to the competition In the tech sector though, there has been a mindset shift and the focus now seems to be on training a workforce, one that is available to help the industry as a whole. To talk about the issues around training, we are joined today by Sabrina Geremia who is the VP and Country Manager for Google Canada. She talks about why Google has been front and centre in continuously training  their workers,  and what we need to think about in terms of getting the wider labor force ready for the future.


Sabrina Geremia VP & Country Manager, Google Canada As VP & Country Manager for Google in Canada, Sabrina leads the strategic direction of Google’s cross functional business strategy in Canada and Google’s Advertising business. As the world moves increasingly online, Sabrina believes that the intersection of technology and digital skills is an economic and growth engine for Canada. Her team’s focus is to help Canadian businesses thrive in the digital economy where Google’s ad business drives $23B in economic value for Canada and 200,000 jobs. Sabrina leads the relationship with the local innovation community & the C-suite of Canada’s largest companies. Her insights are based on over 25 years of international marketing, technology sales and include general management experience at Procter & Gamble where she managed the cosmetics P&L for Italy, Reckitt Benckiser where she drove the first global internet strategy based out of the UK and start up experience at both Ask Jeeves and a mobile startup called Incirco in the UK. Sabrina is a member of the Business Council of Canada and a board member of the Future Skills Centre, an organization dedicated to helping Canadians gain the skills needed to thrive in the evolving workforce. She also served on the boards of Ryerson DMZ, North America’s top University Start-Up Incubator and the Canadian Marketing Association. Sabrina is the 2020 recipient of Women in Communications and Technology’s (WCT) Woman of the Year award & was recognized by the Women’s Executive Council (WXN) as one of Canada’s top 100 most powerful women in 2015. A career long diversity champion, she was the recipient of the 2014 Women in Communication Technology Diversity award, is an advisor to Move the Dial, an initiative to encourage more women in tech and was featured in the book ‘Darling You Can’t Do Both’


Connect with Sabrina at  @sabrinageremia and  @googlecanada

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