Episode 33: Will We Ever Change the Mindset Around Remote Work?

Episode 33: Will We Ever Change the Mindset Around Remote Work?

Remote work used to be looked at with suspicion, but after nearly a year of trial by fire, everyone knows it is great – right? Actually, not right. Despite having tried it out for months, many managers still view remote work as very much second best and are counting the days until they can go back to (the old) normal. Is that because the old normal was better, or do we just need to do better when it comes to making remote work work? Will we ever change the mindset around it? With hybrid work probably here to stay, the question is relevant if we want to prevent creating two Classe of workers with those working remotely firmly in second position. To discuss all of that, we are joined today by Chris Norton, the Owner of Green Path Strategy Chris has been helping companies transition to remote work for over a decade, and he has some strong opinions on what needs to happen to change mindsets, and the benefits that will follow once they are changed.


Chris Norton is Owner/Consultant at Green Path Strategy. Specializing in performance-based organizational systems that support successful remote working environments, he has been transitioning organizations since 2010. Prior to consulting, Chris worked in the Financial Services sector for 20 years in multiple Senior Management roles. He is well-traveled and has lived in Dubai, the Cayman Islands, and Canada. Chris obtained his MBA in 2017. He is currently writing a book on the topic of remote work standards and governance.
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