Episode 68: How Can Artistic Skills be Used in the Workplace?

Episode 68: How Can Artistic Skills be Used in the Workplace?

How do art and the world of work go together? If you are an artist, is that a conflict with working in a conventional environment? And if you are running an organization, is it good or bad to have artistic people working for you? The knee jerk is to say of course, we need people with creative minds so we embrace all kinds of skills, but the reality tends to be a little different.  In many organizations we tend to overlook the skills that people bring to the table and that includes artistic skills – and that does not benefit anyone. Sara Woster is an artist, a Communications Strategist and the author of the upcoming book Painting Can Save Your Life. She joins Linda Nazareth on this house to talk about what artists can do for  organizations and how organizations can support artists and get the best out of them, as well as why indulging your creative side is so important and why that can make you stronger for the other parts of your life.


Sarah Woster

Sara Woster is a writer, artist and communications strategist. Her memoir and how to book, Painting Can Save Your Life, will be released by TarcherPerigee/Penguin Random House in July 2022. She is the founder of The Painting School.


www.sarawoster.com www.thepaintingschool.org



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