Episode 63: What Can Space Missions Teach Us About Remote Work?

Episode 63: What Can Space Missions Teach Us About Remote Work?

What do space missions and remote work have in common? A lot as it turns out, which means that there is a lot that remote workers and those who manage them can learn from looking at what it takes for astronauts to operate effectively when so far away from their base stations. our guest on this episode is Dr. Louis Brennan, Professor of Business at Trinity Business School at the University of Dublin’s Trinity College. Dr. Brennan has done extensive research on the business of space and he shares some fascinating and practical recommendations on how organizations can learn from space programs and how workers can learn from the experience of astronauts.


Dr Louis Brennan is a Professor within the Trinity Business School and a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin. He serves as Co-Director of Faculty at the Trinity Business School. An award-winning researcher, he has pioneered research in several areas of novel enquiry. Louis has published eight books including two on the Business of Space. His most recent paper “What Space Missions Can Teach Us about Remote Work”, co-authored with Tanusree Jain, was published by MIT Sloan Management Review. Louis has lived and worked in Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA.


You can learn more about remote working and space and the business of space from the links below







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