Episode 61: How Do Virtual Meetings Change Power Dynamics?

Episode 61: How Do Virtual Meetings Change Power Dynamics?

Virtual meetings bring people together but as they do they also shift power dynamics as compared to live meetings. Who will be the winners and losers in this virtual world? As we virtually bring people into our homes, how are we changing our work lives? And what does it all mean for diversity outcomes?  Our guest today is Laura Simpson, Chief Intelligence Officer of McCann Workgroup. She shares some interesting work done by McCann Workgroup on how virtual meetings are changing work and how we should prepare for what comes next.


Laura Simpson

Chief Intelligence Officer, McCann Workgroup

Laura Simpson is Global Director of McCann Truth Central, the global thought leadership unit of McCann Erickson Worldwide, and dedicated to discovering “the truths that illuminate the world and help brands make their mark in it.” Laura invented McCann Truth Central, launched it in 2012, and has made it a respected source of actionable global marketing insights for clients.

Laura is a big-stage innovator, blessed with insatiable global curiosity, a love of discovery, and a pure delight in captivating audiences with thought-leading insights.

The Truth Central studies introduced so far have uncovered opportunities in a diverse range of industries. They include: The Truth About Youth; The Truth About Shopping; …About Privacy; …About Beauty; …About Moms; … About Politics; … About Wellness; About Age; and About Global Brands. Each combines market research, anthropology, and robust statistics to present as accurate and well-rounded a picture as possible about a given subject. The aim is to make them definitive guides for clients seeking to shape and grow their brands.

Truth Central studies have been covered by press around the world, and Laura has been invited to present findings to CEOs of major clients and to speak at the ANDA conference in Santiago, CES in Las Vegas and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, among others.

Previously, Laura was head of Trends and Insight for McCann London, and earlier, a global researcher for international research agency Synovate. She’s worked across such client accounts as L’Oréal, MasterCard and Nestlé.


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