Episode 42: What Can Australia Teach Us About Post-Pandemic Work Life?

Episode 42: What Can Australia Teach Us About Post-Pandemic Work Life?

Australia is held up as an example to those of us in North America and elsewhere in the world. They did not completely escape the pandemic, but they came pretty close and for the most part, they are back at work in offices, if they want to be. Still, things are not exactly the same as they were before the world had heard of Covid-19.  What lessons  does Australia have for us about post-pandemic office life? Our guest today is Robbie Robertson, Managing Partner, Virtual Office for Deloitte Australia. He joins us  from Sydney to talk about what we should be thinking about in terms of our work and work spaces as we come closer to going back to the new normal


Robbie Robertson
Managing Partner, Virtual Office

Robbie is a global, award-winning design & customer experience strategist specialising in the fusion of  people, spatial & digital experiences.

With 23 years experience in London, New York, Singapore and throughout SE Asia as well as Australia, he is also an Associate Professor of Design at Swinburn University.

As the Managing partner of the Virtual Office in Australia  he leads a team of specialists who help clients with their virtual enablement journey, developing hybrid workplace strategies that bring together tech, space, people & place to deliver exceptional customer & employee experiences.

Design thinking is at the heart of every conversation and projects that Robbie likes to be involved in, with  extensive experience with  clients such as  J&J , Nab, Aristocrat, ANZ, Siam Bank, Novartis, CBA and Link Group.



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